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September 26th, 27th, & 28th, 2014

HK Building, University of Windsor, 2555 College Avenue

Event Schedule  & Session Descriptions


Friday September 26th, 2014

JONATHAN ROSS - Total Body Conditioning (4 PTS, 4 FIS)
In this full day session Jonathan will you give you a range of new activities and approaches that you can apply to any clients program. If you like learning new strategies and adding new tools to your tool box this is the session for you. This is 4 sessions rolled into one in-depth workshop:

-          Abs Revealed

Everyone wants better abs. Give them abs for “show” and for “go” while using smart programming. Learn when to follow the rules of ab training - and when to break them.  Learn why you can still use crunches by using smarter versions.  Discover creative new exercises to give clients the best of both worlds and achieve well-developed and well-functioning abdominals.  Explore why planks are over-used and better ways to progress once the basic plank is mastered.  The exercises are tied together in a complete, progressive training program to start right and finish strong for great-looking, well-performing abs.


-          Roll, Rejuvenate, Recover

Self-massage is a powerful tool to maintain healthy muscle tissue that is ready when you need it.  In this session you will discover strategies to improve hydration, release chronically tight muscles, and break up restrictions along with unique and creative exercises to enhance your warm-ups, workouts, and postural training.  You will also learn creative ways to integrate these methods into an overall plan to get people excited about doing them. 


-          Plyometrics for Everyone

Everyone needs plyometrics.  Life often makes you move in rapid and unpredictable ways. And if life makes you do it, you had better train for it.  Fast, explosive movement requires high levels of coordination, reactivity, and agility to produce power when the time comes.  Discover the right way to start using upper body and lower body plyometrics, how to progress for higher levels of performance, and avoid common plyometric training mistakes that even some athletes make.


-          Brain Games, Body Games

Including elements of reactivity, uncertainty, play, and interaction with challenging exercise is the secret to fitness success.  Experience a challenge while having fun and discover how to deliver the same thing to your clients and students.  Discover creative ways to up the enjoyment of challenging exercise to enhance the exercise experience with emotion.  Develop a stronger connection among your participants and a stronger bond to you as the professional in the center of the experience.


**This is a workshop that you DO NOT want to miss!!!



GRANT GAGNON - Dealing with the Injured Client (2 PTS)


In this session, local Physiotherapist Grant Gagnon, will cover common back, shoulder and knees issues and how to work with these clients. He will also discuss how to prevent them in the first place and what situations require you to refer your clients to another healthcare professional. This will be a hands on session with lots of practical information that you will be able to bring back to your clients first thing on Monday.



Saturday September 27th, 2014                                  



JONATHAN ROSS - Secrets of Award Winning Program Design (1 PTS)


The specific exercises are often the least important part of successful programs, yet that is often what gets the most initial focus!  Examining lifestyle, physical, and emotional factors is the secret to success not just with program design, but in program adherence.  Discover the secrets of program design that have led to two Personal Trainer of the Year Awards.  Powerful change comes from consistent performance of an effective program.  This session equips you to ensure consistency with each and every client!



A: DR. NATASHA ZAJMALOWKSI - The Proactive Approach to Nutrition & Supplements (1 PTS, 1 FIS, 1 NWS, 1 NWL)


The Proactive approach to nutrition and supplements: Find out what can actually help you improve your fitness, energy and the quality of your life.


B: ALISA HOPKINSON - Upper Cross Syndrome. Symptoms, Assessments & Corrective Exercises (1 PTS, 1 FIS)


Ever wondered how you can correct your client's posture? Have clients who are seated all day at a computer? Every trainer should know how to properly assess their clients and provide appropriate exercises to help them to improve their posture and in so doing, improve their health and their workouts!



JONATHAN ROSS - Keep Your Brain Buff (1 PTS, 1 FIS, 1 NWS, 1 OAS, 1 PFS, 1 NWL)


Exercise affects the brain and body in equally powerful ways. Discover the physiology of brain degeneration and regeneration when exercise is employed.  Discover how attitudes, opinions, and feelings about exercise are learned and what it takes to change the learned responses for a more positive result of your efforts. Knowing this will powerfully affect your ability to inspire people to fitness and transform lives and deliver skills that will be the only way to succeed in the fitness industry in the future.  Learn drills to engage clients and up the enjoyment of exercise to enhance the exercise experience with emotion.






A: MARCO CIOTOLI - Getting Your Clients to Make Nutrition Changes that Stick (1 PTS, 1 FIS, 1 NWS, 1 NWL)


One of the most frustrating parts of our job is dealing with clients that are not making the behavioural changes that they need to. As you know, they can work out 7 days a week but if they are not making changes outside of the gym, their efforts are futile. Marco’s clients started to see mind blowing results when he began implementing the techniques he will go over with you in this session. During his lecture, he will outline each of the key steps you need to have in place that will get all of your clients to finally see the results you both want them to.


B: COLIN MCAUSLAN - Training S#*t I'm Interested In... And You May Be Too! (1 PTS)


Every conference I go to, I sit in a few sessions where the speaker talks about 1 topic for 90 minutes when it should have only taken 10. With this session, I will cover multiple areas of personal interest and how I incorporate these concepts into my training with my athletes and clients, leaving you with thinking points to take home with you. Some topics being covered include variable interval training, 1D vs 3D training, squatting variations, scapular upward rotation and growing insanely massive biceps. Hope to see you there.



A: JONATHAN ROSS - Stop Riding the Pendulum ( 1 PTS, 1 FIS)


In fitness we often go from one extreme to the other.  Once an idea falls out of favor, we often react with an equally extreme and misguided approach.  Explore various hot-button issues such as barefoot running, crunches, high-intensity interval training, and more!


B: COLIN MCAUSLAN - Train Your Clients Like Athletes and Watch Your Business Grow (1 PTS)


In this session, I discuss how a simple shift in your training approach can lead to a packed schedule and more money in your pocket. We will discuss how a change in workout intensity, group dynamics and upping your social media game will pay massive dividends to you and leave you with a clientele list full of dedicated, hard working athletes. This session will give you useful tips that you can apply right away to improve not only your business, but your training abilities.


Sunday September 28th, 2014                              

A: ERIK BRINKMAN - Similarities in Training the Performance Athlete and the Everyday Person (1 PTS)

Similarities in Training the Performance Athlete and the Everyday Person will touch on common training theories and practices of the common training client and how much of that information can be transferred into training the performance athlete. If you are interested in how much of your current training knowledge can be applied to the performance athlete we will discuss program design and exercise selection for both the everyday person and the performance athlete.


B: MICHAEL PATELLA - Putting the 'Fun' Back in Fundamentals, Part 1, Theoretical Analysis (1 PTS, 1 FIS)


A theoretical analysis of client movement patterning and development. In this lecture, you will learn how to progress and regress fundamental movement patterns to get the most out of your clients. You will also learn how to correct faulty movement patterns to ensure safety and efficacy of workout.



A: MICHAEL PATELLA - Putting the 'Fun' Back in Fundamentals, Part 2, Practical Analysis (1 PTS, 1 FIS, 1 NWS, 1 OAS, 1 PFS, 1 NWL)


A practical analysis of client movement patterning and development. In this lecture, you will learn how to progress and regress fundamental movement patterns to get the most out of your clients. You will also learn how to correct faulty movement patterns to ensure safety and efficacy of workout.


B: JESSICA IENNA-MENDEZ - The Pre- & Post-Natal Client (1 PTS, 1 FIS, 1 PFS)


Traditionally, pregnant women have been encouraged to reduce levels of physical exertion due to concerns that exercise could negatively affect pregnancy outcomes.? We now know that the right amount and type of exercise can greatly reduce the risk associated with pregnancy and can significantly help the recovery process. In this session, Jessica will give you the most up to date tools based on research and her years of experience working the pregnant client.

Speaker Bios
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Jonathan Ross

Jonathan’s “800 pounds of parents” directly inspired a prolific fitness career where he is a two-time Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner (ACE and IDEA) and a fitness expert and blogger for Discovery Fit & Health, fitness industry thought leader and brain fitness expert.  His book, Abs Revealed, presents a modern, intelligent approach to abdominal training.  He is the creator of the TRX Super Hero workout and a master trainer for ACE, SPRI, and Tabata Bootcamp and former master trainer for TRX.   A former astronomer, Jonathan used to study stellar bodies – now he builds them! He can be reached through and

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Grant Gagnon

Grant graduated from the school of Physiotherapy at the University of Western Ontario in 1996. Since then, he has worked in the field of orthopaedics, taking several post graduate courses to improve his skills and increase the effectiveness of patient care. Grant is the only credentialed McKenzie Therapist in the Windsor/Tecumseh area, providing care in the field of mechanical diagnosis and treatment of spinal problems. Most recently, Grant has earned a certification in Active Release Techniques.

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Dr. Natasha Zajmalowski


As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Natasha Zajmalowski ND emphasizes a Proactive Healthcare regime—allowing you to make positive and direct changes in the areas of your health over which you have control. Given that many medical conditions are preventable and controllable, every health care interaction with Dr. Natasha Zajmalowski ND includes support that addresses this simple fact: you can greatly affect your own health.

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Alisa Hopkinson
Alisa Hopkinson has been in the Fitness Industry for 10 years. She is a General Manager of a GoodLife Fitness club and GLPTI National Trainer. She is a CFP certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Twist Conditioning Sport Strength Specialist Level 1 certified and Sport Balance Specialist Level 1 certified and Fitness and Assessment Specialist (Darby Training Systems).
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Marco Ciotoli


Marco has been in the industry for over 6 years. During this time he has worked in big and small clubs and has had the opportunity to work with a wide array of clients. He has invested hundreds of hours of time in workshops and continuing education to establish himself as one of the most sought after Trainers in the region. Marco specializes in weight loss and weight loss management as well as nutrition and wellness counseling as the Personal Training Coordinator at a local personal training studio, Refine Fitness. He creates exercise and nutrition routines for busy lifestyles. Marco is certified in Penal Training, Precision Nutrition and Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1.

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Colin McAuslan
Colin McAuslan's career started during his time at the University of Windsor while he was completing his Bachelors of Human Kinetics degree. After completing his personal training certification he spent 5 years at a local gym where he spent time as the Head Trainer. Among teaching certification and diploma programs as well as training clients daily, Colin returned to complete his Masters of Humaninetics. Colin is dedicated to educating himself and has years of experience educating others. Colin created McAuslan Performance in 2012 as a strength and conditioning consulting company.
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Erik Brinkman

Erik Brinkman Owner of Body X PICP Level 3 Strength Coach P.I.M.S.T Practitioner Biosignature Practitioner I have been training the common client for the last 10 years. Starting my career with GoodLife Fitness I have been fortunate to open Body X, a private training facility 3 years ago specializing in Performance Athletes. My resume of Athletes contain AAA, Junior B, Junior C, OHL, AHL and NHL hockey players. My philosophy is whether you are a stay at home mom or an athlete, strength and mobility will always be the most important result. With strength and mobility comes the ability to lose fat, gain muscle, get faster, increase endurance or be more powerful. Strength is the catalyst for all other desired results.

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Michael Patella

Michael is the owner of Sweat Personalized Training Solutions.  Michael is a well-respected strength & conditioning coach in the Windsor Essex County area who has helped many clients achieve their health and fitness goals.  His rich background and knowledge in exercise science has given him the opportunity to work with a wide range of populations varying from weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts and athletes.  His results-driven approach and well-thought out programming has lead his client to surpass their expectations to live a healthier, happier lifestyle! He is a Certified Kinesiologist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and CPRS.

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Jessica Ienna-Mendez
Jessica Ienna-Mendez is the Fitness Manager of a GoodLife Fitness club. She has a bachelor of Social Science (Biology) and is a CFP certified Personal Trainer, nutrition & wellness specialist, and pre- and post-natal fitness specialist. Jessica has many certifications including: Core (level 1), BOSU (level 1), Body Fit 60, Pilates Mat Certified (level 1 & 2), Sports Strength Conditioning (level 1 & 2), Sports Movement Conditioning (level 1), Kettlebell (level 1), Doula training, FMA, GEM, and Power Plate Fundamentals (level 1).

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Friday September 26th, 2014
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Saturday September 27th, 2014
JONATHAN ROSS - Secrets to Award
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JONATHAN ROSS - Keep Your Brain Buff
(1 PTS, 1 FIS, 1 NWS, 1 OAS, 1 PFS,
1 NWL)
MARCO CIOTOLI - Getting Clients to Make
Nutrition Changes that Stick (1 PTS, 1 FIS,
1 NWS, 1 NWL)
JONATHAN ROSS - Stop Riding the
Pendulum (1 PTS, 1 FIS)
Regular Conference
Sunday September 28th, 2014
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